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Meet Team Bringoz at Manifest 2024!

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Everything you need to scale

Consolidate your operations into one intuitive access point providing your team with all the information they need to track, collaborate, optimize, monitor, and manage day-to-day operations.


Managing the last-mile has never been easier.

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Increase worker productivity and minimize manual processes by automating the entire delivery management process from start to finish. From automatically dispatching orders to adapting schedules to changes in demand.


End-to-end delivery management platform, supports B2B & B2C use cases, enabling proactiveness.


Eliminate the use of multiple systems and duplication of data. Manage and optimize delivery operations across regions and sales channels.


Get a real-time view of the entire delivery operation, across all your locations,
from a single interface. Keep operations on track and avoid delays by maintaining complete visibility.

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Bringoz is the only platform out there that truly allows the synchronization and optimization of multiple resources (workforces->Driver/field agents) on one unified technology. Bringoz enables the operations-related processes to be transparent across multi-functional teams within organizations.

Don't take our word for it...


"Some of the things that you can turn on with Bringoz' system is big

I mean, the tracking, the logistics of all of our fleet, how many stops, how many runs, the time that they sit at each place, seeing all the data that's there to keep things really efficient is big."

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Thomas Schalanka

Corporate Wholesale Parts Manager, Bergstrom